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Million Dollar Total Business Transformation

A complete unabridged look at exactly what I did in only 90 days to win Marketer of the Year and make an additional $1,120,197.77 for my business.

Included on 4 CD’s:
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Who is this for?

I can be of most value to you if your business is earning you money consistently but you are not sure what the next step is in transforming your marketing into a fully developed system that runs itself. I can show you the way to implement a marketing system that is automated to the point where you can have someone else do it for you. I can show you ways that you can attend to new products and new services and your marketing will be providing you with a steady source for new clients, keeping your current clients happy and reactivating your old clients.

When we work together we will begin a marketing plan with no money and grow it quickly so you will be able to spend more than your competitors are willing to spend and therefore having your pick of the clients you want to serve. You and I can develop inside and outside sales staff to catapult sales immediately and have your income become limited only by your capacity to produce your goods or services, a great problem to have by the way. Together we will experience how a real business uses direct marketing in an industry that has never seen it or known that it could be applied. You will get advice from someone that has studied and has been advised directly by Dan Kennedy and GKIC, the direct marketing experts.

Walter Bergeron has applied the strategies I espouse providing direction, discipline and motivation to greatly improve the performance and value to many different kinds of businesses. His advice is worth mining for gems to help you take your business to the next level.
Walter Bergeron is an exceptional entrepreneur with an incredible work ethic that is massively curious and open-minded. With his desire and great passion to utilize his mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial energies, I see even greater potential in him to help others in their quest for entrepreneurial success.
Megan Huber
THANKS for spending a few minutes of your day with me and providing me with some insight into your personal experience as an entrepreneur. Being able to speak to someone like-minded makes all the difference in the world. I found your video on YouTube about your 90 day transformation - taking notes so I can model what you have done so well!
Jason Eckert
I just read some of your book in Amazon and I resonate completely with your journey. I'm now in my third month on Planet Dan and am starting new in the entrepreneurial world. I've listened to all the "guru's" and have read just about every book Dan has written. Now is my time to start taking massive action! I am determined to be in the 3% who actually take action and make things happen. Thanks for the inspiration today. I'd love to interview you in the near future for a newsletter I am working on in the electrical conduit industry.
Dustin MathewsSpeaking Empire
Whether or not you aspire to win any awards or grow your business to an amazing level, Walter Bergeron will get you to that level with the latest marketing and business growth and liberation strategies available on the planet. Get involved with Walter to take your business to an 8 figure level.