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How to Grow Strategically Part 1

Everyone, this is Walter Bergeron again. In this post, we’re going to cover how to grow strategically. In the last post we talked about how to find your enough is enough number, we talked about finding the valuation of your business, and knowing that there’s a difference between knowing what it’s worth, and what you need. Now we’re going to talk about exactly how to grow your business strategically by exponentially growing it using multiple methods.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.05.31 PM

So this is exactly what I do everyday, I show entrepreneurs just like you, exactly how to grow their businesses exponentially by using these strategic methods, not just some methods of organic growth, I’m going to show you some way more powerful methods to do this, to grow your business to that $10 million level which is what you really need if you want to retire at a level and a lifestyle that you deserve as a fellow entrepreneur.

Now, you may be hoping that the business will grow by using organic methods. In the last article we talked about, realizing that the organic method of growing the business is very slow, it may not get you where you wanted to be in the time frame you want to get it there.

So it may take getting to the $10 million level using that 4% thumb rule we talked about. That’s how you retire with enough money to where you never have to work again and you live off of the interest alone. So getting to this eight figure level, or at least close to it is where you need to be if you want to be able to get your business to serve as the financial nest egg that you want.


So let’s get to work because we know that money follows speed, and those who eliminate the time between the idea, like what we have today and implementing that idea, they’re the ones that have the most success. So we’re going to follow this plan really quickly, get you to the next step here and show you exactly how to grow your business exponentially using this really, really powerful strategy.


You’re going to learn how you can grow your business to $10 million in the next 24 months. Now look, I can’t guarantee that you can do this, there’s no way I know for sure if you’ve got the where with all, or if your business is even possible to get to this level, but I’m going to show you a possible way to do this. Maybe a way that might, well really excite you and you may want to jump and run with if you think that this is what you want to do with your business.

So this strategic method is called growth stacking. It’s being able to stack multiple methods of growing your business on top of each other. What we know about growing businesses so far is what’s called organic growth. We talked about it in the last article, talked about growing your business through standard marketing methods, and you absolutely must have that as the foundation to the growth stacking method, but when we pile on top of that organic growth, we pile on top that multiple methods to growing, we actually start growing exponentially, kind of like this little graph here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.14.42 PM Growth Stacking


You can see that in the very left-hand, bottom left-hand corner, we’re going to use organic growth, we’re going to use that 10% that leads the growth model by having a foundation of good marketing, having a foundation of good ways to convert the quotes that you have for your customers, convert those quotes over to approvals, everything that you’re doing right now is called organic growth, but we’re going to stack on top of that some other methods and these other methods are going to allow you to be able to grow exponentially.


So let’s start talking about what it takes and what these methods of growth stacking are. So the very first part of this is what we talked about, we talked about the organic growth, so let’s stack these other methods, these other growth processes on top of that organic growth method which is what you’re already doing right now. So the very first part of this, and I’ve put this little picture of a chessboard. You see most business owners, think about growing their business, well kind of like when they play checkers. Checkers is a real simple game, and you really only want to move one or two different ways, the pieces are real simple, and you really can’t do a whole lot of really creative or strategic moves within checkers, but if you were to use the analogy here of playing chess, well we’re using the same playing field, we’re all on the same playing field like checkers but we’re using much more complex pieces, like when you’re playing chess.

So the very first complex move that we’re going to do when we’re playing this new game, this new exponential growth game, is called a strategic acquisition. Basically it’s buying another company and merging yours and that company together to achieve a level company of growth that neither company could do on their own, and what we’re going to do is, we’re not just going to buy another company just like yours, we’re not going to buy a competitor business, although that is one method, but you just can’t squeeze out the growth if you buy someone just like you. In order to make the business grow exponentially we have to apply a bunch of leverage. Meaning we’ve got to be able to squeeze every bit of growth out of this transaction so that we get the biggest upside to doing this, to taking this risk, to making sure that when we do this, we achieve the highest level of growth that we possibly can. So in my next post I am going to line out exactly what companies are going to get you to you exponential growth.