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Former Owner of Power Control Services Inc. And Best Selling Author of “The Million Dollar Total Business Transformation” Made an Additional $1.1 Million+ In Only 90 Days

By 2010, 14 years into running his company Power Control Services, Inc., Walter Bergeron was, by all accounts, living the dream of every American entrepreneur.

After six years serving in the Navy as an electronic tech operating nuclear reactors while stationed aboard the USS Carl Vinson, he had launched his industrial repair business out of a small shed in the middle of the sugarcane fields of his hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana. Employing standard sales techniques, from cold calling and door to door sales to displays at trade shows and what he calls “guerilla marketing,” Bergeron and his growing staff provided an invaluable service for numerous companies (including multi-national corporations like GM and Tyson Foods), repairing control circuit boards in the automation equipment that ran manufacturing plants.

Starting locally and eventually hiring salesmen to gain the business of large manufacturers, he had effectively transferred his electronics expertise from running nuclear power plants for Uncle Sam to manufacturing plants for a variety of corporations. Bergeron oversaw growth of about 20 percent per year for his first ten years and made some wise decisions to purchase and sell businesses in other industries connected to his interests, like scuba diving and video services.

And then in 2010, Bergeron found out that his lone outside sales rep was being recruited by a competitor. Realizing that if he lost that person he would have no immediate way to generate additional clients, he scared himself into taking massive action – which turned a successful business that was humming right along into juggernaut that in a few years would sell for a cool eight figures.

Within months of hooking up with Glazer Kennedy Insiders Circle (GKIC), branded as the nation’s Leading Provider of Information and Training for Entrepreneurs, Bergeron’s company exploded exponentially and became a multi-million dollar business. It didn’t happen overnight, but pretty close to it. His 2012 bestselling book “The Million Dollar Total Business Transformation” is a fascinating, unabridged chronicle of what he did in only 90 days to win the 2012 annual GKIC Marketer of the Year Competition and make an additional $1,120,197.77 for his business.

Bergeron’s bestselling titles include “The Million Dollar Total Business Transformation,” and “Marketer of the Year.” His business expertise has also been featured in the second edition of Dan Kennedy’s “”No B.S. Direct Marketing,” Seth Green’s “Cutting Edge Marketing Magic” and Charles Gaudet’s “Predictable Profits.”

It had taken Power Control Services about a decade and a half to get to a seven figure income level – and by the end of 2010 it had doubled to about $2 million; by the end of 2011, over $4 million; and by the end of 2012, when he sold it, it had exploded further to almost $7 million. During this time of rapid expansion, Bergeron grew the company to 40 employees with service and sales locations in six states, including Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Colorado.

While he attributes this growth to the implementation of what Bergeron called in his Marketer of the Year Presentation the “GKIC Unfair Advantage” system, he also believes it helped that his repair business is technically recession proof.

“It almost goes the opposite of the way other firms go in an economic downturn,” he says. “When large corporations have more money, they generally invest in new equipment. When there’s a recession, they tend to be more frugal so they will have their existing equipment repaired instead of buying new items.”

Speaking of his experience with GKIC, Bergeron says, “You should really be careful about what you wish for, because it might come true! Helping me through all of these transitions was GKIC co-founder Dan Kennedy, who became my personal coach. Inspired by his bestselling 1991 book The Ultimate Marketing Plan, I first got involved with them through his Platinum Masterminds group and attended his Fast Implementation Boot Camp. It’s a three day intensive course where they gave us foundational marketing pieces to implement in business. Essentially, they showed me and the other 500 businessmen at the event all of the things we were missing in my current marketing system.

“I had a huge epiphany on the last day,” he adds. “The speaker told us that only one out of every three of us will ultimately take action with the tools they’re giving us, that only one out of every three will experience a significant life impact by implementing these strategies. He told us to look to our left and right. I had gotten to know these guys next to me pretty well. One ran a furniture store, the other had invented a musical education tool in his basement. The furniture guy had left early because he apparently had something more important to do. The music guy had dozed off. So I realized of the three, I was going to be the guy to take these implementation strategies and make them work.”

In Bergeron’s compelling GKIC Marketer of the Year presentation (available on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1y_mrWomN8), the Louisiana native brings his innate Southern charm to a discussion about his breakthrough understanding that he had four different kinds of clients each worth different amounts to his company – and his subsequent realization that a one size fits all marketing message would no longer be effective. As part of the GKIC “unfair advantage system,” he created four newsletters, each directed at a different type of client, distributed in various forms: physical printed paper, e-newsletter, a post on his website. In addition to handing the newsletter to customers who came in for repairs, he would include it in the boxes they shipped to customers around the country.

The newsletters, which included 3D direct mail pieces, included word find activities and the promise of a ten dollar discount gift card if the completed word find was faxes back to Power Control Services. He also put the names of new clients in his newsletters and included a “success” interview with them. More grass roots but no less effective, he created compelling mini billboards along the highway outside Lafayette that mentioned some of the things they repair. Bergeron found that these signs alone brought in 5-6 new customers per week, leading to an ultimate extra gross of $260,000. He closes his presentation by mentioning three key points to success in 90 days: 1) Take massive action every day; 2) Good is good enough; and 3) simultaneous implementation of all strategies rather than a step by step rollout.

“I learned from GKIC that there are multiple types of marketing, and that direct marketing comes in three parts—the message, the market and the media,” says Bergeron. “Success comes when you have your foundational marketing pieces set up, and that includes the physical newsletter and the direct response website. We developed avatars to identify just who it was that we were marketing to and develop the right methods to communicate our message with these people. One of the ways I set Power Control Services apart was transcending the industry standard of a one year warrantee with a lifetime warrantee on all repairs.”

For most entrepreneurs, this incredible growth spurt would be the beginning of a new, higher level chapter for their business – but for Bergeron, it was a whirlwind leading a dynamic exit strategy that would allow Bergeron the freedom to live life on his own terms. As his website bio says, “He chose to live a few years of his life like others won’t so he could live the rest of his life like others can’t.”

On the outside, he was flourishing and successful, but on the inside, he was unhappy. The time he put into taking his company to the next level was all time away from Jana, his wife, of 21 years, and his son Evan, now 11. Lee Milteer, one of the GKIC coaches for their Peak Performers group who was one of Bergeron’s personal coaches through the journey, knew this and suggested that he consider selling his company. A key to maximizing value would be entering the Marketer of the Year competition and writing his book. Shortly after he won this title, a buyer made an offer of $10 million to purchase Power Control Services.

Bergeron, now 43, had his freedom and enjoyed a year off, staying with his family all summer at a house in Grand Cayman (he’s an avid scuba diver), then returning home to Louisiana and getting a lake house where he could indulge in his other hobby, jet-skiing. Completing the seasonal activity cycle, he took his family to visit his in laws in Idaho, where he went snow skiing.

Bergeron’s resounding success story has made him more than a walking billboard for the powerful direct response marketing strategies created by GKIC – it’s now taken him to the next phase of his career, in which he is helping other entrepreneurs achieve the kind of success he found and they still dream of.

In January 2014, Bergeron launched an online training system (that includes physical products, including DVDs, videos, books and manuals) around a unique concept he calls the Industrial Business Transformation to help different business owners across the country. He specializes in blue-collar industrial entrepreneurs – much like he is – and currently has 600 clients nationwide who have advanced purchased the system.

When he sold his company, he wrote everything down to create a documented, trademarked process manual on how he conducted his own business that any company can apply and duplicate. He is now taking clients through the journey that he experienced, showing them how to build their businesses organically and helping them create similar systemization processes so they too will have an intangible asset to sell after they have sold their physical businesses. Besides created and documenting a trademarked process, the comprehensive process outlined in this Transformation include how to achieve exponential growth in business, how to diversify by purchasing other companies while still owning your primary one, and – the Holy Grail – how to increase the value of a company so that it can be sold, as his was, for $10 million or more.

“The best part of all this for me is having the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life,” says Bergeron. “I’m a down to earth guy who learned what it takes to create success on my own terms, and I want to help others experience similar transformations in their lives, with the ultimate goal of freedom to pursue their life’s passions. For me the lifestyle freedom is about not having a set schedule for doing anything but helping people when I they need it and I want to. But mostly it’s about being able to spend time with my son and enjoy family time in a way I never was able to before.”


Amazon Best Selling Author:
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His Business expertise has been featured in multiple books:
symbol-check-icon Dan Kennedy – “No B.S. Direct Marketing” second edition

symbol-check-icon Seth Green – “Cutting Edge Marketing Magic”

symbol-check-icon Charles Gaudet – “Predictable Profits”

Walter Bergeron has applied the strategies I espouse providing direction, discipline and motivation to greatly improve the performance and value to many different kinds of businesses. His advice is worth mining for gems to help you take your business to the next level.
Walter Bergeron is an exceptional entrepreneur with an incredible work ethic that is massively curious and open-minded. With his desire and great passion to utilize his mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial energies, I see even greater potential in him to help others in their quest for entrepreneurial success.
Megan Huber
THANKS for spending a few minutes of your day with me and providing me with some insight into your personal experience as an entrepreneur. Being able to speak to someone like-minded makes all the difference in the world. I found your video on YouTube about your 90 day transformation - taking notes so I can model what you have done so well!
Jason Eckert
I just read some of your book in Amazon and I resonate completely with your journey. I'm now in my third month on Planet Dan and am starting new in the entrepreneurial world. I've listened to all the "guru's" and have read just about every book Dan has written. Now is my time to start taking massive action! I am determined to be in the 3% who actually take action and make things happen. Thanks for the inspiration today. I'd love to interview you in the near future for a newsletter I am working on in the electrical conduit industry.
Dustin MathewsSpeaking Empire
Whether or not you aspire to win any awards or grow your business to an amazing level, Walter Bergeron will get you to that level with the latest marketing and business growth and liberation strategies available on the planet. Get involved with Walter to take your business to an 8 figure level.