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A Surprisingly Simple 3 Step Formula To Exponentially Grow Your Business And End Up With A $10 Million Empire In Only 24 Months.

In 24 Months Any Type Of Business Can Grow By Over 10 Times Its Size Today By Using The 3 Step Growth Stacking™ Strategy

As entrepreneurs we focus on growing our businesses with the best ways we know how, through organic growth methods. We hire the best sales team we can afford and train them to use the most reliable ways to sell our products or services. We research and develop and test different and improve online and offline marketing strategies to bring in new clients and grow our client base. We spend time, resources and energy on perfecting our services or our product to squeeze out a little more of a edge on our competitors. We concentrate all of our efforts by doing what we think are the most efficient and economical methods to increase our sales and production. We are fully committed to make the most out of all of these efforts but we have missed the most leverageable method used by companies much larger and more sophisticated than us, but we don’t have to.

There is a more powerful way to grow – Growth Stacking!

You see it every day with great big behemoth companies like Google buying YouTube or Ebay buying Paypal, but you may not realize that the same technique that billion dollar companies are using also applies to much smaller businesses just like yours. You probably aren’t aware of this because the transactions that would apply to your business usually don’t make the 5 o’clock news or get written up in the Wall Street Journal. But they happen every single day and these less newsworthy acquisitions are making many entrepreneurs like you instant multi-millionaires by exponentially growing their businesses all with the stroke of a pen. The industry is better known as mergers and acquisitions. And though these words can be intimidating to us “in the trenches” entrepreneurs, this industry can actually be tamed and made to suit us very easily, if you know how to apply it to your business the right way. Now before you roll your eyes or dismiss this strategy as too complex or too costly or you think that your business is too small to apply this to, let me share a quick story with you about a client of mine, his name is Gerald.

Gerald owned a pest control company that was grossing around $600k in annual revenue and around 10% profit. A comfortable living for him and his wife and children but Gerald knew that he could grow the business exponentially through a process I call Growth Stacking.

The process of exponential growth through Growth Stacking works like this. Basically, Gerald would seek out and strategically buy other companies and merge them with his company. Then he would use 3 growth models and exponentially grow his company and then sell the much larger, much more profitable company after he reached his growth goal and someone offered him his enough is enough number for the business. For Gerald, that process looked like this:

He searched for the right company that:

  1. Had around the same gross revenue as his company, so he could afford to do this deal comfortably.

Actually, the way this deal was structured Gerald walked away from the closing with many thousands of dollars in his pocket, through a process called a full leveraged buyout, which I get into more details in my best selling book “8 Figure Exit Formula”.

  1. Had the same type of clients but no overlap between his current clients and the acquisition company clients
  2. Had lots of duplication of company business processes.

And I’ll get into why he wanted that in a second…

Once he found a company that met these three goals he made the purchase. Gerald executed step one and made a… Strategic Acquisition

At closing, his $600k business became a $1.2 million company, not a bad day to be able to double the size of your company at the stroke of a pen.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Growth Stacking.

Step two of Growth Stacking is called the…

Cross Marketing Multiplier

Do you remember when I told you that Gerald bought a company that met his goals? You might have noticed that none of his goals for his strategic acquisition of the right company had anything to do with the type of services they offered, just that they had identical client types.

Gerald actually bought an air conditioning company, an HVAC company, these are the guys that come to your house and repair your heating or air conditioning system. Now Gerald certainly could have bought another pest control company, to most entrepreneurs this would be the most logical choice, stick with what you know.

But Gerald was thinking strategically and used Growth Stacking to maximize the amount of his growth.

He knew that by acquiring another company and focusing on the client that the services weren’t a critical criteria for the purchase. As a matter of a fact, had Gerald bought another pest control company he would not have been able to take advantage of the Cross Marketing Multiplier.

The Cross Marketing Multiplier works like this.

Gerald took his pest control services and offered those services to his newly acquired clients and in a very short time, since he already had a great relationship with his clients from the purchase of the new business, he quickly increased his revenue by another multiple. Gerald marketed his pest control service to the air conditioning clients, using the marketing system we put into place in preparation for this acquisition (more on that topic in my book “8 Figure Exit Formula”) and went from $1.2 million to $1.8 million. But Gerald certainly didn’t stop there. He then took his newly acquired air conditioning services and offered those services to his pest control clients. And since he had a great relationship with those clients as well, Gerald’s company went from $1.8 million to $2.4 million. This is something impossible to do without a Strategic Acquisition. There is no faster or easier way to double the size of your client list AND have that very critical already established bond, that well developed relationship with your clients, all with the stroke of a pen. And it is because of this previously established relationship that the Cross Marketing Multiplier works. But Gerald didn’t stop there either. Remember that one of Gerald ‘s criteria for the company he was going to buy was that they had a duplication of business processes, meaning that both companies had a human resources department and accounting and sales and marketing departments and personnel and equipment. Well, as a savvy entrepreneur, Gerald implemented step three of Growth Stacking called…


Efficiency Profits

Efficiency profits increases growth by another multiple by eliminating all of the duplication between the two companies. By eliminating duplicate expenses in personnel, real estate, business equipment, etc… this change increases profits substantially. Then on top of the elimination of expenses you add back in efficiency by keeping the best of the best parts of both business processes. These two factors enabled Gerald to add another multiple of value to the company while at the same time increasing profits by another 10%.

Part one, Gerald did one Strategic Acquisition and on day one at the closing he doubled the size of his company from $600k to $1.2 million and walked out of the deal with no up front costs and with a few thousand dollars in his pocket by doing a fully leveraged buyout.

Part two, Gerald implemented the Cross Marketing Multiplier and within a few months he had cross-marketed the services of both companies, since he now had a list of clients that doubled in size at the closing.

So he went from $1.2 million to $1.8 million by selling air conditioning services to pest control clients and then went from $1.8 million to $2.4 million by offering his pest control services to his air conditioning clients.

Then part three he implemented Efficiency Profits and eliminated duplicate expenses and increased the efficiency of both companies and went from $2.4 million to $3 million dollars.

So with Growth Stacking his business size increased by 5 times and his profits went from 10% of $600k, so $60k to 20% of $3 million, that’s $600k.

That’s an increase in profits of 10 times!

And he did all of this in less than 12 months from closing.


That’s the power of a properly executed, well-engineered, strategic acquisition.

And now since Gerald was more experienced in the Growth Stacking process he did this once more… and this time shot the size of his business up to over $12 million only 24 months later.

That’s the power of a properly executed, well-engineered, Growth Stacking™ strategy.

This type of growth is possible to achieve by any entrepreneur that wants exponential growth in their business. It is easy enough to be taken on by a business of any size when you assemble the right team and avoid the pitfalls of the inexperienced.

So that you can get started right away and learn more about the details on exponentially growing your business, I have put together an entire kit for you… and best of all it’s FREE. You will learn the details about everything I talked about in this article and more importantly you will be able to take immediate action and apply these these strategies in your business right away. Simply go to to get your kit right away.

Walter Bergeron has applied the strategies I espouse providing direction, discipline and motivation to greatly improve the performance and value to many different kinds of businesses. His advice is worth mining for gems to help you take your business to the next level.
Walter Bergeron is an exceptional entrepreneur with an incredible work ethic that is massively curious and open-minded. With his desire and great passion to utilize his mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial energies, I see even greater potential in him to help others in their quest for entrepreneurial success.
Megan Huber
THANKS for spending a few minutes of your day with me and providing me with some insight into your personal experience as an entrepreneur. Being able to speak to someone like-minded makes all the difference in the world. I found your video on YouTube about your 90 day transformation - taking notes so I can model what you have done so well!
Jason Eckert
I just read some of your book in Amazon and I resonate completely with your journey. I'm now in my third month on Planet Dan and am starting new in the entrepreneurial world. I've listened to all the "guru's" and have read just about every book Dan has written. Now is my time to start taking massive action! I am determined to be in the 3% who actually take action and make things happen. Thanks for the inspiration today. I'd love to interview you in the near future for a newsletter I am working on in the electrical conduit industry.
Dustin MathewsSpeaking Empire
Whether or not you aspire to win any awards or grow your business to an amazing level, Walter Bergeron will get you to that level with the latest marketing and business growth and liberation strategies available on the planet. Get involved with Walter to take your business to an 8 figure level.